Judith Spelman

journalist and author

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‘Writing for me is as important as brushing my teeth. I have to do it every day, every morning, and if for some reason I have something else that occupies me, then I just do not feel settled.’

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Welcome to my website.


As you look through the pages you’ll see that much of my working life has revolved around different aspects of publishing. Not only have I worked for a publisher – a fascinating job that took me into all aspects including selling foreign rights, picture research and reading manuscripts – I’ve mainly been a journalist that in due course took me into editing. Most of all I’ve been a writer, something that I have done all my life. I have always prided myself that I have never missed a deadline but do you think I can regularly write a blog? No. The intention is there but I get so involved in other writing I forget!


I hope you find my website interesting but if there is something else you would like to know, then my contact details are at the end.